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 Multiple Homicides in the Seattle Area [March, 2060]

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Multiple Homicides in the Seattle Area [March, 2060] Empty
PostSubject: Multiple Homicides in the Seattle Area [March, 2060]   Multiple Homicides in the Seattle Area [March, 2060] EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 4:07 am

Today multiple bodies were found in the Keepers of Twilight's church early this morning. From the looks of the wounds a cinereous or barehanded blows were the cause of death. The locks to the building were intact and there seems to be very little sign of a struggle. Police suspect one of the dead may actually be the killer themselves but for now the investigation is an ongoing one with limited details being given to the press and public. In all there were 24 bodies found with a list of names to be released from the Lone Star homicide branch later today.

This is the second discovery of brutal murders as a local hospital reports being broken into and having an undisclosed patient beat to death. Sources say the skull was crushed in by a bedpan and the door was welded from the inside to keep Lonestar Officers from doing their job and protecting the victim in this horribly brutal assault. With deadly crimes of a cruel nature on the rise, Lonestar has been quick to issue reports of increased patrolling and careful investigation of these events. They plan to hold the culprit in custody within the next few weeks.
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Multiple Homicides in the Seattle Area [March, 2060]
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