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 Neuva Esperanza (Feb 16, 2060)

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Neuva Esperanza (Feb 16, 2060) Empty
PostSubject: Neuva Esperanza (Feb 16, 2060)   Neuva Esperanza (Feb 16, 2060) EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 5:13 pm

“The tension that had been brewing for years in Nueva Esperanza exploded just two short weeks ago when exiled General Marquez Ortez orchestrated and executed a swift and violent coup against the democratically elected government of President Gilberto Castillo. With the general’s forces depleted quelling uprisings within the population, it would seem his government has made arrangements with Mitsushima Security to assist in stamping out the insurgents.

“In related news, Nueva Esperanza MilSpec Facility suffered a tragic loss when one of their C-117 Medivac cargo transports was shot down during an outbound flight to a North American facility. General Ortez laid the blame at the feet of the rebels but there have been rumors that the weapons used were of Mitsushima manufacture and wielded by Mitsushima troops. If so, the unofficial conflict between these two multinational corporations has just landed on southern american shores. Listed on the flight manifest were 30 injured soldiers being flown to better equipped medical facilities as well as ten men returning home to their families. MilSpec has made no comment on who they believe might be responsible for committing such a heinous deed.”
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Neuva Esperanza (Feb 16, 2060)
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