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 Pt One: Breakfast with a bang

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Pt One: Breakfast with a bang Empty
PostSubject: Pt One: Breakfast with a bang   Pt One: Breakfast with a bang EmptyThu Apr 07, 2011 7:18 pm

I wished it was raining. Rain made everything more dramatic and like the movies. In the movies the guys in the black hats were the villains and the men in white hats always shot the villains down. Bang bang, you're dead. Unfortunately that wasn't how it worked in Seattle. Most often it was an innocent on the other end of staccato gunfire and they bled to death in the middle of the cold hard streets. Alright, that was a little melodramatic: people died around the clock. Day or night only determined whether or not Lonestar would show up to the Barrens. If the good detective Jefferies had his way there'd be a swat team on call around the clock waiting to come in and crack skulls. But Lonestar wasn't paid by the city per bust, else the Redmond Barrens would have been cleaned out a long time ago and the scum that lived there would only have the boys in blue to fear.

Alright, enough with the cinematics... I had been peaceably wasting this morning in bed before the urge to do something took over me. A lazy roll, the subtle thud of feet on hardwood, the sniffing of a shirt on a chair to make sure it was wearable. The routine was always the same and it always began the same. The alarm clock would go off in ten minutes, a child of insomnia never got the luxury to sleep until he was supposed to get up, and then a frying pan would be heated up and eggs would be cracked open. Within fifteen minutes of waking up the smells of soybacon, eggs, toast and coffee would fill the abandoned apartment and possibly attract the neighbors. I enjoyed that fact. The bringing together of squatters thanks to bounties that had been earned the night before. It made me feel like a king of the poor... Or at least for the moments when they came in to eat it did.

Jeans were tugged into place just as the first knock on the door rung through the apartment. None of the locks in the building actually worked, but the formality before invading privacy was appreciated.

She better fucking knock

The voice in the back of my mind was not expected so early, but it was not anything new. Ignoring it like an annoying fly, I quickly called out with a mouthful of toothpaste.

"Itsh open Jen..."

The clicking of the handle turning signaled my left neighbor in the hallway entering the shabby apartment. Jen was a rumored joygirl, but she was also a well known gillette. The amount of 'ware on her bugged the crap out of me, as did her habit of showing up at my loft practically naked.

"Can I have-"

"On the table Jen..." said a mouth empty of toothpaste and currently throwing open the bathroom door to help itself to the same feast. Thinking to himself, I realized that We probably had another ten or fifteen minutes before Walter showed up and another two or three after that until Felix did as well. A motley breakfast bunch if there ever had been one. To be honest it sounded more like a bad joke than real life: So a Razorgirl, a troll, a drug dealer, and a guy sit down for breakfast.

A shaman 

Yeah, don't remind me.

I don't have to... Your mind will never forget

But most days I wish it would...

It seemed that the last though silenced that self righteous preacher deep within me long enough to get to the kitchen and grab a slice of soybacon all before the next thought hit my mind.


I wasn't too sure if that was the voice or his own thoughts but I'll admit I was a little distracted by the lack of clothing upon Jen. She was a human, if you could count razorgirls as human, was proudly on display in the tiniest sleep shirt that barely covered her chest and a dainty pair of panties that would make even a stripper blush. Quickly my eyes found my plate, and I knew a smile found itself plastered on Jen's lips.

"Don't tell me you're shy about me looking like this Sketch..."

"It isn't exactly your apartment Jen, so maybe you could do the crowd a decency and put some clothes on?"

"Or I could take these off... We could have a rodeo Arnie... Don't you wanna ride me like a bull? We got Ten minutes... And all I need is eight seconds."

"You're not my type..."

"I know, it's a real shame."

"For one of us Jennifer."

I finished Chewing the eggs from my fork and looked up warily. Exactly three people were allowed to call her that. A cop, her mother, and Grim. Authority to put her in jail, blood, and an old guy who didn't know better. The look in her eye said it all, that she wouldn't be forgetting this and that the slight against her wouldn't be forgotten but the breakfast on her plate was the only thing currently keeping her from beating my ass into the floorboards. Her teeth clicked together through a piece of toast. How cliche and overly exaggerated. How much of a pansy was I to admit it scared the crap out of me.

"Hmm, guess I walked in at the wrong time." the voice was deep and rumbly. It always surprised me how Trolls sounded, it was so stereotyped that they had these big booming voices. Turns out that most do... And only a few can enter a nearly condemned apartment without shaking the floorboards so hard that you can't help but notice them. Walter could.

Walter was dressed as he normally was this time of the morning, leather biker boots and a worn leather duster, with a tight t-shirt and torn jeans showing him to be one hundred percent Troll. Despite his muscle and size, that smile currently plastered on his mug showed his true nature as a smart ass.

"She looks like she's either gonna Fuck you or slit your throat. I just hope she waits until after breakfast."

"Shut the fuck up Walter, or it'll be you who gets fucked up..."

"You're a bit skinny for us Troll folk Jenny," he kept that grin up as he pulled up a chair to the table and began putting some food on his own plate "But I'll tell you what, if you do it for free then I won't complain and I'll even tell the guys down at the bar that you are good in the sack."

"So I assume that means you kept your job another night?" I interrupted. If I let them continue I felt like I might just see her slit a throat and I much preferred Walter breathing and able to move himself out of my apartment. Lord knows I couldn't.

"Yeah, for now. Jim's really facing a shit load of bills though and the Ork crowd just ain't rich enough to give what he needs. Pretty soon I think The Pitt is going to take a turn for the Humans."

"You say that like we are all bad people there Walter." I argued with a sense of false pain.

"Brother have you looked across the table at what you and yours are?"

I looked at Jen who still looked mighty peeved that both Walter and I had gotten the leg up on her this morning. Looking about as sour as a bunch of grapes, it wasn't surprising at all to see her stand up and storm out. 

"Thanks for breakfast. Assholes!" with the exclamation point being a slammed door and then the this of a body hitting the wall. Poor Felix, always coming in at the wrong time.

"Ten Nuyen says he offers up Bliss today for us.." Walter whispered before the dwarf came in through the door.

"Fifteen says it's Bad karma, he only offers Bliss on Thursdays."

"Brother, I'll take that bet because it is a Thursday." 

Man, my week really had been bad "Shit, I might as well pay you now."

Of course, Felix's head peeked around the corner eager for a bite of breakfast after a night dealing on the streets. Why is it that the only person who knocked happened to be the first one to storm out of my quickly crowded apartment?

"Anything left to eat?" his voice was squeaky. It had always been squeaky. Had squeaky not been a codename for a snitch in the Barrens, his nickname would be squeaky. Instead most people called him Digs, a name he attributes to his days in the Seattle prison system with a knack for digging up whatever you wanted for enjoyment during your stay behind bars.

"Sure Digs, but first I wanna know the daily special..."

"Why Walter? You never buy any." there we go, less squeaky and a little more tough. Perhaps it was his impression of the hardcore thugs they played on those cheesy Tridvids for teenagers.

"I wanna win ten Nuyen this morning." I swear if trolls could whimper, it would have sounded like that. But with Walter and his rumbling voice, it sounded like a growling threat rather than a whimper. No matter what Felix might have thought it was, the question was answered anyways. 

"Bliss, two for one after nine tonight."

"Payup Sketch"

But before I could even grab my wallet, we all heard something that made us turn our heads towards my doorway. The explosion of gunfire in the morning was usually far away and only two or three shots worth. Today it was much closer for some reason. Much much closer. I tried to think about how close it was when a bullet ripped through drywall and sent Felix sprawling across my kitchen floor. 

Apparantly, I rationalized as I threw myself onto the floor and began crawling towards my door, they were close enough to kill people.

He's not dead..


I thought solemly. I peeked out the door after a thump and saw Jen pulling her knife out of a guy currently spilling his blood out of a wound from his back down the hallway wall. It still felt like the beginning of a joke to me. A razorgirl, a troll, and a drug dealer sit down to breakfast. One gets shot....
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Pt One: Breakfast with a bang
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