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 Grizzly - Ork Fixer - Bodyguard Work

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Grizzly - Ork Fixer - Bodyguard Work Empty
PostSubject: Grizzly - Ork Fixer - Bodyguard Work   Grizzly - Ork Fixer - Bodyguard Work EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 1:14 am


Gaveo Luciano (Criminal SIN)
Ork Male, Age 52, Italian
Archetype: Fixer (Bodyguard Shadowruns), gear contact
Location: Redmond Barrens
Record: Record with UCAS Feds and Lonestar (Actively wanted by both)

AttributesBOD (6), QCK (4), STR (6), CHR (4), INT (4), WIL (4), REA (4)

Predominant SkillsNegotiation (3)
Etiquette (3)
Pistols (4)
SMGs (4)
Interogation (3)

About Grizzly

The Ork, Grizzly, works in Redmond, near Glow City. He specializes in bodyguard work, and small time criminal activities, including some shadowrunning. He is very well connected in the criminal syndicates, though he is not known to be a member of any specific group. He is tied to several bookies, and to a number of corporate types that operate in Redmond (people who need to move through the rougher areas contact him to ensure safety).

Grizzly was born under the name Gaveo Luciano, to human parents in Seattle. When he changed, they tossed him out on the streets. He almost died the first winter, but managed to stay alive by fighting and stealing. It didn’t take long before he found his way into the Redmond Barrens. Since finding the Barrens, he has never stepped foot out of it.

Grizzly got his nickname for his large, bear like appearance (also very hairy for an ork – likely a tie to his Italian heritage). It might also be associated with the fact that he has been known to be a very violent man to people who cross him. It is rumored that he actually ate one of his competitors.

In recent years, he has been making more money by helping larger fixers recruit for pawn-jobs (lots of ork fodder in the barrens). He generally is contacted fairly easily in person in Glow City, usually at his villa (an abandoned corporate building left over from the last century), though it is usually seen as a bad idea to do so without permission due to his staff of a dozen or so thugs.
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Grizzly - Ork Fixer - Bodyguard Work
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